Swatch Service

We want you to feel comfortable sending us your garments for our buttonhole service and we also want you to be thrilled with the results.  To assure you that you'll be getting exactly what you're looking for, we also offer a Swatch Service.

Swatch Service: $5

Send us a 3-inch by 6-inch sample of your prepared fabric, along with instructions as to the size, and color of the buttonhole thread. We'll make a buttonhole in the fabric and send it back to you. The standard buttonhole style is keyhole with a straight bar tack. We will use a closest-match thread unless you specify that you want a contrast color. 

  • Why a 3x6 inch piece?  Because we'll fold it over to simulate the double-layer that most garments use around their buttonholes.
  • Prepare your fabric exactly as the finished garment will be prepared, with interfacing/underlining that will be in the completed garment. For example, if only one side of a lapel will be interfaced, apply a 3 inch square of interfacing to one half of the sample fabric. 
  • What if you can't make buttonholes in my fabric?  Then we will let you know, and we won't charge you

What you need to do:

  1. Make sure we can add a buttonhole to your fabric.
    • We make keyhole style buttonholes ranging from 22 mm to 30 mm - suitable for buttons from 1/2 inch to 1 1/8 inches in most cases. We work on woven medium-to-heavy weight fabrics, such as those used in coats, jackets, skirts, and pants. Example fabrics that we can work on: suitings, coatings, bouclés, and denims. Stretch fabrics must be interfaced to stabilize them..  
    • We do not make shirt buttonholes.
    • We do not make buttonholes on very stretchy fabrics (more than 3% lycra), knits, gauzes, mesh fabrics, leather or faux leather, or fabrics containing sequins or beading. 
  2. Prepare your fabric by adding interfacing if that's how your final garment will be prepared.
  3. Fill out a Swatch Order Form detailing the sizes, and colors of the buttonholes you want. 
    • For swatches, we start the buttonhole 1/2 inch from the fold in the fabric. Buttonholes are sewn perpendicular to the folded or sewn edge of the fabric.
  4. Mail the completed Swatch Order Form and the prepared fabric swatch to:
       Fabulous Buttonholes
       PO Box 45
       Pinehurst, MA 01866

Once we receive your fabric:

  1. We'll inspect it to make sure that we can use this kind of fabric.
    • If we cannot make buttonholes in your fabric, we'll let you know and won't invoice you for the service.
  2. If we have any questions, we'll be sure to contact you and maybe have a video chat to make sure we understand your order and can fulfill it correctly.
  3. We'll then invoice you for cost of the Swatch Service - $5 per sample.  This $5 fee includes return shipping costs.
  4. Once the invoice is paid, we'll make your sample buttonholes and send your fabric back to you!